Mobile pokies: The age of modern day gambling

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Mobile pokies: The age of modern day gambling

The technology has evolved rapidly over the course of the past century and that has translated to sweeping changes in all walks of the life. Gambling and entertainment are no different. The age of smartphones and modern applications has meant that we have gone mobile in the literal sense of the word. Today there are a host of apps and features on mobiles that enable us to perform a wide array of tasks conveniently in an efficient manner. The mobile pokies or a slot on mobiles is a good example of technology carving ways for newer platforms.


Getting started with mobile pokies:

The mobile pokies are a relatively newer entrant to the world of online gaming. Thus it is understandable that it is still evolving with newer features and games being added continuously. The mobile pokies game is available on almost all the modern smartphones’ platform. These include iPhone pokies, Android pokies, iPod versions, Blackberry, HTC, Windows to name a few. There are various game designers and companies that offer online pokies for mobile phones. The exact version of the game that you chose to download depends on a number of factors. You must choose to download the one that suits your requirements the best. For instance you must check the reviews of different games by different manufacturers, then compare the features they provide and analyze which games work better for your particular device. After proper and thorough analysis you can proceed with the download of the game on your mobile device.

Usually mobile pokies come in form of apps and all you need to do is read some mobile pokies reviews at online pokies paradise and make your decision as to which online casino you will be playing at and which of those has the highest sign up bonus to help you pick the right games and highest play money bank roll to start with.


There are essentially two types of games : the one that are free to play for fun and the other involves real cash. If you are serious about gambling then you can go for the latter option. There are two simple steps for getting started with the mobile pokies. In the 1st step you need to fill the form that is available on the download widget at official website. Once you have done, you will receive a message instantly which will in turn direct you to the downloadable page from where you can download the game as per your convenience. Once you have completed the download, all you need to do is register yourself and start playing.

As far as iPad users are concerned, there is one thing they need to note. There are specific websites that offer games without the need for flash players. As iPad doesn’t support flash, so the users need to download their pokies game from such websites.

A word of caution:

Before you start playing with real hard cash, you need to consider a few things. You need to avoid staking huge money at once in your initial games because the risks involved is higher. Tread cautiously and once you have started hitting the winning jackpot, you can gradually move up. Also if you notice that the winnings on a particular session or machine is negligible then you should avoid further investment and withdraw from that session. Gambling is always risky, but a planned approach can ensure you don’t suffer massive losses.

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